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Hungarian people have been living in the heart of Europe for more than thousand years. In spite of the tough difficulties the country has had to face throughout its history, Hungary owns such values that visitors from remote countries wish to see as well. After Iceland, Hungary has the greatest surface thermal water supply in the world: the healing water of several hundreds of springs helps thousands of people regain their health. The largest fresh water lake of Central Europe is also located in Hungary. 
Since the end of the 1980s, Hungary has attracted a steady stream of foreign capital, well-balanced across the various sectors of the economy. Today, there are new incentives for foreign businesses and a new direction for FDI.

Hungary is truly a land of welcome for foreign investors — and a land of opportunity. These statements are justified by the fact that thousands of foreign companies have located here and their numbers continue to increase. Hungary is a member of the European Union since 2004.

Budapest, situated right in the heart of Europe along the two banks of the River Danube, is a lively, friendly city with a continental climate. It has succeeded in adapting to the modern world while preserving its rich historic past. The city offers a wealth of entertainment and cultural activities, museums, concerts, theatres, opera as well as discos, jazz clubs, elegant shops and good food. An excellent public transport system extends all across the city, but there is also always enough taxis at your disposal.
Entertainment: Budapest is a city famed for its nightlife as well. There are hundreds of music pubs, bars, and cafes open around the clock. There are also plenty of other ideas for a fun night out, ranging from theatres and jazz venues to casinos and rock/pop events.
Culture: For those after a dose of culture, a visit to the city's majestic State Opera House, the brand new National Theatre or the concert hall of the Palace of Arts makes an unforgettable evening. There is a great variety of museums as well. The Budapest History Museum in the Castle area, the Hungarian National Gallery, the Hungarian National Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts are just a few of the museums that offer a great journey into Hungary’s past and present.

Relax/Wellness: If you are up for a great relaxation, you may want to visit some of Budapest’s world famous thermal baths, such as Gellért Spa, Széchenyi Thermal Bath or Rudas Bath.

Festivals&Events: Throughout the year you will have plenty of opportunities to participate in exciting events; the Budapest Spring Festival, the Bridge Festival, the Danube Water Carnival, the Budafest, the Red Bull Air Race Budapest, the Sziget Festival, the Budapest Autumn Festival, the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix are just a few examples of the countless events in town.
Sightseeing: Budapest is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular cities of the world. There are plenty of attractions that you should not miss; some of them are part of the world heritage: Chain Bridge (opened in 1849), the Parliament (constructed between 1884 and 1902), the Buda Castle (residence of the Hungarian kings for about 700 years), Fishermen's Bastion, Gellért Hill, Heroes’ Square, etc.
June 30, 2017 (with exceptions - do not hesitate to ask us)

To study in Hungary, non-EU applicants must hold a valid student visa, for which the following is needed:

•    Proof of payment of the tuition fee (issued by school, after the tuition fee is received) 
•    Proof of accommodation
•    A declaration from parents stating that they will cover their child's expenses. Parents are obliged either to make an official statement authorized by a notary public, or provide a balance statement of their bank account not older than 3 months. 
•    The completed visa application form
•    A passport valid for at least 18 months 
•    1 ID photo 
•    Visa charges, if applicable

Hilal Central Europe being the Central-European representation of GCC companies and GCC representation of Hungarian universities, knows what youngsters arriving from the Gulf region really need to spend careless and unforgettable moments in Hungary. Among others we help “our” students on the following areas (Please note that some of below mentioned services are subject of headcount and availability):

•    Visa arrangements
•    Student hostel/flat/hotel room arrangement, rental or purchase
•    Legal and financial services, legalisation, sealing, Apostille, interpretation
•    Car rental with or without driver
•    Travel arrangements (hotels, tours, etc.) in Hungary and also in Europe
•    Mobile phone, SIM card, mobile Wifi rental or buy
•    Special Student ID card with loads of discounts
•    Full problem solving service (food, drink, clothes, gifts, flowers, tickets, ideas etc.)
•    24/24 info service in English
•    Special programs (Formula-1 test drive, car racing, tank driving, shooting etc.)
•    “Rent a castle” service for parties or romantic weekends
•    Investment consultancy, company foundation, property management
•    24/24 info service in English
•    Hire an interpreter, a personal assistant, a driver, an escort for cinema, etc.

Please, do not hesitate to ask us about actual information and opportunities. We will be happy to discuss any particular situation and design your own service package. If you are interested in the above mentioned educational and adventurous opportunity, you are welcome to contact your Educational Partner: Hilal Central Europe Ltd. at +965-9498-7872 (WhatsApp) or +965-6577-7066 (WhatsApp).
George Fisher-Wilson, an IBS Erasmus student wrote an article about his impressions as a student in Budapest on Huffington Post; George sees Erasmus not only as a great opportunity to “immerse yourself socially” but to spend time in a foreign country and new cultural sphere where you can gain “a new perspective on your national identity.”

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